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Sookie Rattleshake (New Line Cinema 2000)

   Science Fiction thriller drama staring Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid playing their roles for the father Frank Sullivan (the dedicated firefighter) whom died while doing his duty and his son John (later on grown up and being a NYPD detective) leaving the kid while he still six years old and his wife Julia , a nurse. As the finding of heathkit single-sideband ham radio that used to be broken by John’s friend Gordo suddenly, broadcasting works the night before the anniversary of John’s father; as conversation erupts within him and someone talking strangely about the concerning world series of 1969 as John knew the details from the specific past as realizing that other man talking is none other than his dad, Frank within the effects of occurrence for aurora borealis and John then, tries to warn Frank about the warehouse incident which saving his life the next day while working. Major changes happened to John’s life with his mom Julie didn’t have the same address or his girlfriend – Samantha not recognizable him as Frank pass death caused by lung cancer within the time Sgt. Satch DeLeon assigns John to investigates the nightingale serial killer murder case with here nurses victims in the sixties never been solved now adding the tenth murder victims so far as the two people Frank and John discussing as they’re feeling guilty for their actions to change the past and present that concluded for Frank helping John to save the victims but as the second attempts happening – Frank struggles to fight the nightingale  but fail as his driver license stole by the killer and plan to frame Frank for the murders. Luckily, the fingerprints of the serial killer preserved on Frank’s wallet which John tells him to wrapped it on plastic and hide ii on the wooden floor when 30 years later John can still finds it. The serial killer identity shocks John that Jack Shepard a former detective as in the new timeline – Julia isn’t aware of leaving the hospital sooner while John trying to convince his boss - Detective Satch by predicted some aspects due to the 1969 world series final game to him but the radio knocked over and sustaining damage as Frank did something remarkable to escape the questioning by the precinct police went to Shepard apartment finding evidence of victims jewelry ends with underwater fight between them seems to kill Shepard. Frequency movie might be an odd choice to watch but thus mysteries and supernatural sci-fi themed really given the audience a good story to think while watching it as well as the soundtrack scoring music from the various artists within their classic hits-songs from composer/arranger Michael Kamen compiled for Carly Simon’s Take Me Out to The Ballgame, Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley, Creedence Clearwater Revival music via Susie Q, Dusty Srpingfield singing Son of a Preacher Man onto Fleetwood Mac, Martha Reeves as well as Country music superstar Garth Brooks as the radio fixed as Shepard burst in to attack by both version of the serial killer as Frank manage to destroying Shepard’s hand with shotgun while the 1999 timeline fight between John and the old Shepard ended as the healthy old Frank showed up and kill the killer with the same shotgun saving John’s life. Baseball family game showing the later peaceful lives for them all with Satch joining the Sullivan and Gordo’s advice investment on Yahoo! By John on the radio has making him very wealthy now.