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Somebody Has To Pay (BMG/Ariola 1998)

   Frantic calls from the phone booth by Manni to his girlfriend Lola in a important rendezvous on the crime scene as Manni already collecting 100,000 marks for his boss – Ronnie to give quickly. As the subway inspector arrived thoughtless Manni panic and leave his bag money behind as a homeless checking it out being seen from inside the train; Lola asking for help from her father a bank manager right after it as brief flashforward in sequence showing Lola’s obtain money of three steps running by her for the Germany's movie story Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run) with many good soundtrack songs complied and composed by Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil into Supermarket, Casino, Wish (Komm Zur Mir) and more Running in remixes onto Franka Potente’s Believe blending thus Progressive Trance scoring, Euro House and Electronic as the first run Lola encounters stealing baby in a carriage woman, buying a bike from a cyclist, car-crash involving Lola’s father whom actually, not her biological dad and having another mistress and heart-attack as the parallel ends here is Lola being shot by the police dying in hallucination.
   Second run follows Lola tripped to a man with a dog down the stairs injuring her legs to limp; baby carriage collides struck a lucky woman winning a lottery for luxurious life to the borrowing money on a blind woman and dad’s accident leaves Lola to robbing the bank using the security’s gun while after escaping the police asking for a ride distracting the driver and glass pane hitting sending the late rendezvous to meet Manni gets Lola being hit by ambulance as a restarting once again happened. Lola running fast because of her moped got stolen in the beginning, flash-forward on joining the church’s devoting herself then misses the cyclist offering his bike to a homeless man, the white BMW went crashed as for Lola continues to casino and with only 99 marks asking the cashier to give her 100 mark chip for betting on a roulette table surprisingly, wins over 126,000 marks as the crowds disbelieving this an ambulance strikes in with Lola trying to calming down the security guard having heart-attack to rate normally as Manni chasing the homeless man with a gun after being told by the blind lady causing head collision between white BMW and a man with stolen moped while Lola trying to find Manni – he stumbled on another car shaking hand Ronnie whom no longer needing the money causing a freeze-frame ends to the girl reacting on this.