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Socialism Benghazi (Bandcamp 2017)

   No thanks at all - for the internet down signals, scratching itchy ass Obama with his white-chocolate balls and southern civil wars or whore whitey girls too boring too use their vibrators and surviving the Summer shooting overrun system of the wild wild west perhaps, becoming your surprises from the brotherhood this Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s sarcastic Comedy Folk-Country and sounds of the bayou people trying to get themselves not really turning to a hillbilly redneck and such but spoken wording that sounds clever enough to be recorded into the half-drunk melodious record off these twenty-seven tracks out of the proud silly title chosen by El Gringo himself for Greatest Hits Volume 2. Through the face like the famous tenor singer but this one is too damn retard to be famous like that – writing stupid songs and backwards lyrics over the stereo system releases here like The Wall (Trump’s Song), I Woke Up Dos Mornin, Shock The Crackhead, Louisiana Will Survive; Ramadonna, Islamic Suicide Hotline onto Pink panther Party, Who’s Gonna Kill Those Jews onto Personal Jesus (Hey Zeus) and Jihadi Genes as well as Liberal Democrats and many more things to be questioning for their reality truth but nothing except the truth.

This one sounded like Mardi-Gras parade on weeds and booze overdosed – the racist fun to talking about your most hateful being censored or not and the folks might throw some cans or bottles to your peasant face before the end of the show between dinosaur and monkey evolves !

Greatest Hits Volume 2: