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Slukad Forintelsens (Nuclear Blast 2001)

   Within the manic distance present days on combining some project massive Black Metal compilation recording where the members of Hypocrisy plays numbers of different instruments away from their main previous group for The Abyss must be a changing sounds to the audience ears which combining the two releasing albums of them from the mid era of nineties extreme underground days music as The Other Side/Summon The Beast turns up becoming something more dangerous than just totally changing artworks which describing what Black metal/Death Metal really is all about. From each old materials recording album like The Other Side and Summon The Beast that revealing ritualistic cult and hatred vengeance blast-heavily towards the brutal truth themes on TjanareAf Besten, Massacra, Morkrets Vnadring, Blessed With The Wrath of Evil, The Hymn, Cursed onto Feasting The Remains of Heaven recommended for those whom seeking the beasty background reasons to slaying your weak neighbors along with their family as mutilated within bloody weeps did well performance from Mikael Hedlund and Peter Tagtgren’s chaos madness creations.