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Sixteen Seconds (Cannonball 2002)

   Not sure if there’s anything besides faster drumming of Punk-Hardcore skaters music to mixed with but your Athens, Greece club-members of non-scientific kids roaring harder within their excellent popular anthems via Vodkajuniors when everything seems to be went out so wrongly and the world keeps pushing your minds to the edge where you cannot handling it anymore but fight back and screaming the words telling the boys and girls what truly went wrong with our world lately.

   Nothing can ever beat the feelings for playing punk-Rock’s jumping high staging and mosh-pit tendencies performing by Kostis, Orestis, Harry, Jacopo, Nikitas, Christos and Panayiotis on having the figure of a dressing-up fool within the rest of the themed tales album recording – All Them Clowns as written as songs via You Won’t Make a Soldier Out of Me, Trash This Place Up, Fuck Politics as well as K.A.G or My World; bashing the ignorance heads down there and up the skyscraper on doing most of the hideous destructive things towards ordinary people and workers dreams over their long-term bigger picture plans to ruling the planet for keeping it themselves. 

Say fucking no because you’re right !

All Them Clowns: