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Sisyphus Office (Bandcamp 2017)

   A train-wreck conditioning of a beautiful disaster sounds like three angry men being trapped somewhere underneath since the last hot Sunday afternoon alike situation while kinds of things makes you think for the Post-Hardcore band from Nancy – France consisting of Anatole Petit (drums), Mehdi Rouyer (guitars) and Benjamin Racine (bass/vocals) as being influenced by the loving on Shellac, Mclusky, Fugazi, NoMeansNo, The Jesus Lizard or Drive Like Jehu glorified recorded, mixed, produced and mastered productions of Bankrupt recorded by Tolstoi within their displaying tracks flown within sorrow-tinged frustration and grey-cloudy skies formations on Girls Gone Goner, An Essay on Brutalist Architechture or Fluctuat Nec Mergitur which systematically, suffered the process being desperate and alienated conflicts the real world by a non-rushy topics and Grungy tempo to burn …