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Sister, Mother (Squint Entertainment 1997)

   Used to be starting their first walk based on Christian Pop/Rock roots but later on these Braunfels, Texas feeling that they’re needed to go settling farther to Nashville (Tennessee) as the choose their sweeter name from the C.S Lewis’ called Mere Christianity as soon being well known entirely national-wide recognition by CCM Magazine for only the exclusive fan-base spectators.
But after the releasing of the hit single crossing US radios and international media of Kiss Me or The La’s great covering tunes (even) right before the releasing of their third self-titled album – Sixpence None The Richer will always becoming these characters: Leigh Nash (vocals), Matt Slocum (guitars. Cello), Justin Cary (bass guitar) and Jason Lehning (drums) as well some other ex-members completing their formation to bring those softened great Pop-Rock Indie in melodies and angelic modern tuning vocals of the front woman singer before really disarray and disbanded. 
   Here you might listening to their romantic and intimacy harmony making arrangements through live band music and strings orchestra sessions on the classical front cover painting and The Waiting Room, Anything, We Have Forgotten, Sad But True onto I Can’t Catch You or Moving On – telling most of the teenagers as their loyal small fans to be tougher, encouraging but never let true loves separates the happiness from the good blessing lives but choosing better sound of music to lifting your spirits up not the reversed …

Sixpence None The Richer: