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Shot Down Ravin (Escape Music 2009)

   By the formats over the Swedish composition members under the great Classics Heavy Rock and Hard Rock melodic group of ColdSpell forming by Michael Larsson with Chris Goldsmith, Matti Eklund, Niclas Swedentorp and Perra Johansson performing their high-toned harmony vocals through the standard tempo bashing free rocked out your interest to loving Heavy Rock/Hard Rock music again via this debut album recording release entitled – Infinite Stargazer which reminds us about how Mick Mars went a bit far away from his usual wilder sides off Motley Crue to play more direction paths indulging Scandinavian/Europe metallic progressive avalanche of high-techniques presentations must be sounding like equally to ColdSpell.

Nether world and other worldly dimension kept vibrating hard enough on being smacking by the essential rocking tunes off Eye of The Storm, Night Falls, Fade Away, Solid Ground, Keep On Believin’ and Greed – where the final fantasy journey steps needs bravery towards the unknown pleasure blends with painless teaser for Heavy Metal record like this one !

Infinite Stargaze: