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Sgt. MacKenzie (Open Road/Crave 2012)

   David Ayer directing the Crime-Drama about two L.A.P.D officers of the Newton division on the South Central as Brian Taylor (former US Marine) and close friend Miguel Zavala responding the disturbance call ended up as Tre a bloods gang member insulting Zavala and did a duel fight bare-handed as Zavala wins and earning tre’s respect whom later on being attacks by the Surenos gang as shoot and killed one of the bloods crew and the next day noise complaint at the party house of the Surenos gang as Taylor encounters a dangerous member named Big Evil with his truck filled with decorated firearms and large amount money through the several scenes on this movie called End Of Watch. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena; both of the officers got awarded for saving kids from a burning house which being investigates further for the arresting of the owner of firearms with guarde cell of human trafficking victims. ICE agent found out the ties of the place with the dangerous Sinaloa Cartel as the days being calm. But one frightened night where the officers: Taylor and Zavala whom responding to a call only to find their partners officer Sook and Van Hauser got beaten up savagely as well as being stab in the face but saved only to quits the force as Taylor got married to Jent as being congrats by many of his family and friends.
   David Sardy composing well the soundtrack score music as himself written the tracks of more suspense and action towards I Am The Police, Follow Me Into The House, Heroes, Take Care of Janet onto the various several artists compiling their songs like Lisa’s Coming by The Latin Rascals, Public Enemy’s Harder Than You Think, The Delfonics on Hey! Love as wellas Chicken Dance by El Mariachi to Mazzy Star or Salt-N-Pepa collecting the up’s and the downs of the officers lives and tasks just like when they’re shrugs off the warning being told by Tre as they’re doing the walfare check on old lady’s house and discovering drugs, mutilated corpses message from the cartel as they’re being followed. Biting the bait of reckless driver chase; the officers went into trap and ambushed by the latino gang-group on an alley as being shoot-out and cornered where Taylor gets it on the chest while Zavala desperately shoot back but got hits from the back by one of the assassins as the too late backup arrives and police slaying the rest of the gang members. On Zavala’s funeral Taylor delivers an eulogy about brotherhood as flashback moments before the terrible dispatch calls …