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Severac Road (Relativity Music Group 2011)

   Real events happening during the dark ages adventure fantasy of the late 1230 as more women being accused to be possessing black magic powers and practicing evil rituals among the innocent as some of them might be true witches as some soldiers and priest being attacked by the demonic resurrection of a young lady corpse after being drown earlier before …
Teutonic Knights Sir Behmen von Bleibruck and Sir Felson went back after their crusading battles taking parts around different times and places like Edremit gulf, Tripoli siege, Artah and Smyrna off the Smyrniote crusades for witnessing massacre of civilians there before had enough and returning home to Austria only to find that the black death plague also consuming the cursed European land for most certainly, caused by evil dark magic of witch-crafting women with thousands being infected in a grotesque unspeakable sight before being brought in front of the dying cardinal asking the knights to excorting the alleged young girl accusing as a witch to a remote monastery for the fair trial there with unfriendly priest Debelzaq and Kay the young altar boy, Sir Johann Eckhardt and swindler traveler Hagarmar as the team marches out dragging the giant steel cage displaying the young witch Anna from Marburg. 
   Atli Ovarsson providing his works to protecting the journey as well the possessive wicked thrills of man’s story within Season of The Witch movie soundtrack adjusting the harmony orchestral themed tunes among Clavis Salomonis holy book or Kill The Demon, Crossing The Bridge, Wormwood massive dark power reveals later on to the Wolf Attack or Dead Monks surprisingly, conducts Behmen and Felson along the way riding through the forest, mountains and several cursed place to arrived at the monastery only to see all the monks there died by the black death plague as well but luckily, locating the key of Solomon book for defeating evil as the reveals of mysterious supernatural force surrounding Anna finally, reveals as the mighty Baal gods itself disguising to steal the book and killing the entire planet afterward. The mission looks failed at all while the dead corpses of monks rising and attack the remaining team as Debelzaq, Felson and even Behmen got killed by the demon as the exorcism continued by Kay and finishing to expelled Baal defeats from Anna’s body – freeing her at last. As the fallen heroes been giving a proper burial by Kay and Anna; the couple departed away with the holy book as their possession.