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Servant Victory (Touchstone Pictures 1999)

   As for court poet of the caliph of Baghdad – Ahmad ibn Fadlan with the an influential noble wife forcing him to be exiled as the paying price on the moslem world laws being an ambassador to the northern barbaric Vikings with his own ship with his trusted man Melchisidek; apparently being saved and arrived in the settlement of savage culture Norsemen on Volga river as the communication to these entirely different cultures manage to establishes by the latin speaking Herger and Melchisidek as well seeing the pagan rites of the dead king’s cremated burial accompanying by a young female to be burn to Valhalla really seems to be godless for the arabs. With the Buliwyf becoming the next king – terrible news quickly spreading about his bravery and nobility sent as an invitation for seeking helps from the mouth of a youth enters to tell that his father’s kingdom being devastatingly attacked by the so-called eaters of the dead horde far on the north as the wise-shamanic woman Volva dare to spoke about The angel of death only can be driven and destroyed by thirteen brave people; twelve best of the Vikings including the king himself but the last one must be an outsider and that’s where Ahmad being chosen to go with them. 
The 13th Warrior directed by Josh McTiernan would be your ultimate adventure/history and actions saga by favorable as the story continues with Ahmad quickly learning about the Norsemen’s language as gaining respects from them for his horsemanship to ability to write apart from his tiny appearance strange looks. King Hrotgar welcoming them with warmth but being deeply scared as the entire kingdom also living in fear and scarred to wait in uncertain hopes for he warriors to fight for them or being consumed entirely by the fire worm from the misty mountain bring the eaters of the dead horde raiding them within the unspeakable violence again an again. 
Starring Antonio Banderas an Vladimir Kulich as Ahmad and King Buliwyf with their companion Vikings of the brave battling the mystical invaders of primitive human-cannibals wearing bear-skins and imitating their way of life dwelling deeper inside the cave below earth as the thirteen warriors enters their lair of ancient Wendol fiends to infiltrates the dark rocky caves or climbing down waterfall to find the center of the horde’s venus figurine as Buliwyf successfully kills the Mother of The Wendol their queen but wounded by poison claws really bad – as the band of braves scattered and died fighting for their cause of being the mighty Vikings while some including Ahmad and Buliwyf manage to escaping to the raging river. 
   The original soundtrack composing by Jerry Goldsmith provides the historic background and adventurous themed tracks of beautiful/suspense instrumentals via Semantics, The Great Hall, Viking Heads – the fighting session to gain trust among Hrotgar followers t believe in Buliwyf strength; The Sword Maker showing ability of blacksmith and craftsmen from the arab to Honey that related to the wine drinking and beautiful northern women – within the last battle for Buliwyf, Ahmad, and the rest of remaining warriors as well as King Hrothgar’s kingdom against the Wendol horde finally, kills the warlord wearing the horns of power among hundreds of bear-skinned cannibals raiders for good. As funeral for Buliwyf in prayers and honorable rites for entering Valhalla then Ahmad returning home for becoming a real man and servant of god writing down his story to tell.