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Salesman (Butterfly Road/Rootsy 2013)

   Sofia Henricsson of Umea, Sweden’s cold place singing her Americana determined like a shooting star in a night sky slightly, shining and blast fast but hopefully didn’t fell like meteorites as your favorable influences from Mary Chapin Carpenter, Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss and Lucinda Williams talking about her dreams really close not that far as high ambitions better publishing as one would also liking  - like her to lay down, cry and break their hearts within refrains via thus jangling as happy as wiser and as developed like the more mature her through the self-proclaiming and reflecting feelings written over As Scared As You, Crying Wolf, Poor Old Summer, Ain’t No Worry or Morning After, Hard Work to Sitting Duck; giving the good album releasing on Like The Birds sounding made proud products off US soil traditional culture story but actually, European northern great choices for your Pop-Country Alternative independent stereo system collection to catch within a smile …

Like The Birds: