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Rowan’s Riding (Downwarde Spiral 1995)

   By the midst of nineties collective recording arranged and releasing by these Somerset’s Folk-Rock group named Blyth Power as the English musicians members like Joseph Porter (drums/lead vocals), Annie Hatcher (keyboards/harmony vocals), Steven Cooper (guitars) and Jerry Hatcher (bass) off Harrogate been completely written down lyrics and making music artistically, for Paradise Razed which blending Alternative Pop-Folk and Punk music into acoustic plus piano-tinged tinsels rural atmosphere stepping in the arch-bishop ruling crown by the social-values situation and problematic living of the upside down people.
Signalman White, Carlisle with Rachael Swindlehurst on backing vocals onto Milton’s Schemes, Winter’s Tale, Cold War Comforts and Cry Carrion relapsing thus past and presents to kissing the season goodbye and having the surrounding the unique than just another ordinary local Pop-Rock group.

Paradise Razed: