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Responded (Virgil Films And Entertainment 2012)

   A portion of all proceeds of this film will be donated to Tuesday’s Children following the tragic moment of disaster that hits American soils of The United States in New York as being simulated here as the closer last moments of Spetember 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by hijacking commercial planes and targeting hits the twin tower – World Trade Center from several different individuals perspective as the ensemble of musical instrumental-strings arranged as well behave as the production of the film of 8:46 as directed by Jennifer Gargano as her good intentions, casting characters, haunting images and humane looks intimate among thus terrible horrid devastation struck the Big Apple that day started since the day before it happens through the short and simple title – exactly, telling the stories and the surviving to the lost and endless pain to the family and lovers for their loss and the figures of the lost ones as well. Reality oriented and remarkably natural in motion shooting scenes and strong messages to all whom watching this.
   Heart-wrenching and a reminder as life being taken, innocent people being sacrifice; terror planes and large buildings events that beckons “We Will Never Forget” needs a proper time to watch. Approaching the nominated awards for short written story and more but all that matters that the starring casts like Mike DiGiacinto, Roland Sands, Shelly Shenoy or Elizabeth Eggers performing their best acts to memorizing the audiences back on how the horrific event must not be forgotten easily as terror – no matter what comes in forms never will stop America from being beautiful, democratic and free from any kinds of threats homeland of foreign. As the American Airlines flight 11 crashed into the North Tower between floors 93 until 99; while the next one hitting South Tower as phonecall shut in silence and tears erupts within shocking screams – 2,977 deaths proves that terror keeps will being greedy for more victims repressing peace and prosperity but Jennifer Gargano and the rest of the survivals and American citizen refusing to bow down to fear. 
Multiple sounds, feelings and chaotic moments captures by this short movie honored by Manhattan Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest, GI Film and Atlantic City Cinefest as being premiered at Cannes Film Festival Marche du Film.