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Rendezvous Fool (Independent 2014)

   If you the big fans of My Little Pony (MLP) communion than you known that the Australian beauty glimpse of a singer by the name of Feather is one of the semi-influential and loyalist recording maker as delicately relaxing shows off the best full album in discovering her talents for singing just like the example here within fourteen songs on the track-lists like Mad Mares (Mad World MLP Parody) written by Ember Dash; Cupcakes, Tiny Spells onto Jealousy or Wave Hello and Look to The Clouds lining-up to illustrates about how good her vocals really sounded like. Brony community producing, song-writing ability strated from an amateur solo singer turning brighter as the role model of the Folkish-Pop and harmony touches via In My Mind recording release – alternatively, accepted by many good music listener’s ears while begin to play and during the girly fantasy movement music process of a shareable favorite tune-based on those little pony background stories …

In My Mind: