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Relax Untitled (Independent 2000)

   Sweeter honest name like Allison being picked doesn’t making this Torremolinos, Spain’s group creating their own unique experimentation over an Alternative Metal meets Pinned Punk-Rock and Jonathan Davis’ Hardcore of Modern Nu-Rock style like the last tail-chaser of Hip metal era that soon being decomposed and extinct leaving such a stillness promising sounds that counts you down the hill for sometimes a daily extreme sports event soundtracks or just being excessively bored within the life you living in as that head really wanted to blown out but your feelings or guts saying – blow something up instead. A promotional disc with no further explanation of informative about the band themselves but eleven listed tracks of major destructive funky vibes and total groovy metallic alternator songs to burn the house down quite easily blurred via On Off, Invaders, Wasted Hope, Go On Dreaming, Beat Down to Time God and Infection. 

The album title is Give Us All A Laugh but guess, nobody would even smiling after you pressing play button to the stereo for this !

Give Us All A Laugh: