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Rejoice (Back Lot Music 2017)

   James McAvoy starring as Kevin Wendell Crumb a man suffering on Dissociative Identity Disorder discovered by the help of psychiatrist Dr. Karen Fletcher on thus multiple personalities identified as much as 23 distinct characters evaluated weekly as the results of Kevin’s mother threats to him during the abusive childhood. Kevin one day kidnapping three girls inside their parent’s car spontaneously from the gas station by drugging them up later introduced as Casey Cooke (whose being molested since childhood by his uncle) and girlfriends Claire and Marcia; locked inside a room somewhere underground as the girls witnessing the changes of personality characters on Kevin’s body with the dominant friendly fashionable Barry, Dennis the straight leading role stranger; Patricia the older wiser woman or Hedwig the little boy by telling their exciting stories about themselves and communicating to thus confused girls trying to ask their whereabouts later on but the tendencies for threatening underage girls supposed to be the ritual offering for the worships to a 24th character with ultimate non-human force called The Beast as Dennis being responsible for those kidnapping girls which  turning out to be an outrageous behavior for trying to escape through the ceiling by Claire as Dennis punishing him and locked her to another room-cell. Anya Taylor-Joy serving Casey’s role and acting naturally good showing that she’s scared enough but still have strength to planning an escape while encountering spoken to some of the good characters appearing within Kevin’s split-personalities on the psychological thriller from M. Night Shyamalan called Split.
   The appreciated original motion soundtrack by West Dylan Thordson will making your feelings mixed-up between questioning disgusts to the explainable past tales on how the originated Kevin giving birth to his various personalities taking over his body or the lights by turns as A Way Out, Dr. Fletcher and The World, Casey Tells The Truth, Last Rites onto I Know You Want to Tell Me Something s well as There are Things that are Hard to Believe or I’m Really Sad You Fell This Way; sending our imaginations being recaptured by how M. Night Shyamalan sewing the second parts of his trilogy story as the following-up and soon after the funny moment of Hedwig showing his modern dancing style in his room to Casey or the terrible Dennis locking out Marcia to another room after she attacks Patricia with a kitchen chair as the beast being released  while the investigation from Dr. Fletcher met the dead end and death to herself in the hands of the ferocious mighty beast – it’s only Casey whom left surviving to escape the madness slaying from the beast which already did to Marcia, Claire and Dr. Fletcher before the underground tunnel chasing as Casey saw with her own eyes how calling the real full name of Kevin didn’t really works to stop the beast; filling up the shotgun founded on Kevin’s lockers and run as faster as she can to avoiding the wrath of the creature which cannot easily be killed with shots as Casey cornered behind the locking bars but spared as the beast seen the body-scars from her turmoil suicide attempts from the past leaving the pure Casey noticing that she’s later being help by a Philadelphia zoo keepers where she’s being held all along this time. Kevin survives the wounds as other personalities haling their bigger plan to change the world by the beast and a wheel-chair criminal sees the news on TV to the patron similarity over this dangerous figure now being called by the media as The Horde …