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Ravens And Skulls (Silva Screen 2010)

   New Orleans based of The Expendables featuring Barney Ross the leader, Lee Christmas (blade specialist), martial art artist Yin Yang, military veteran Gunner Jensen with weapon specialist Hale Caesar, demolition experts Toll Road deploys onto a mission rescue over a hostage vessel by somali pirates in the gulf of Aden as The Expendables – the elite group of mercenaries as the beginning of this epic ensemble of mainly starring of your old eighties and nineties superhero stars like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Terry Crews and Mickey Rourke with Giselle Itie within special appearance by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis as the story of more drama actions and explosions continues with the visit from Mr. Church and rival of Ross Trench Mauser on a mission contract to overthrown General Garza in Vilena island of the gulf in Mexico as Chrsitmas and Ross undercover meeting to their contact Sandra but discovered as ex-CIA James Munroe keeping Garza in power as figurehead own profiteering operations and Sandra’s is actually, Garza’s daughter within Jensen approaching Munroe – Garza went furious for his daughter waterboarded information as she refused to leave Vilena on the other hand Lacy (Chrsitmas ex-wife) being abused by her new man revealing later on what is he doing for living after being beaten up by Christmas and as the group and Ross knew about Church is an operative agent of CIA targeting Munroe whom gone rogue by joining forces with Garza the dictator; and keeping their drug money that funds himself as CIA cannot afford killing the mission for him in a bad publicity – leads to Ross and his crew of The Expendables to do the dirty high-risks actions. Track listed songs of soundtrack score off the film composing by Brian Tyler within Surveillance, Scanning The Enemy, The Contact, Warriors, Royal Rumble, Mayhem and Finale, Confession to the theme song from Shinedown – Diamond Eyes did accompanied the mission for our heroes to pursue actions on the road as the layout of Garza’s palace achieved while Ross boarding the planes and gathering the rest of the team as they’re infiltrates the compound trying to save Sandra from the hench-men within the wrestler fights and gunshots as open fires against his own team rallies the men to attacks the Americans – Garza ordering Munroe to returning him the money but killed by Munroe as the compound detonates by explosives and destroyed; as the helicopter for his escape plan blown up while Christmas and Ross fighting to kill Munroe saving Sandra as restoring Vilena begins.

The Expendables celebrating their first victory on this one !