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Rat Triptych (Translation Loss 2017)

   Experimental Noise Metal group – Gnaw composing of these New Yorker four piece of rockers from Alan Dubin, Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter and others) to Jun Mizumachi (formerly live band of Ike Yard) or Brian Beatrice (guitarist/sound designer) and Eric Neuser on drums or Burning Witch’s drummer Jamie Sykes as well are on board for this sickening demonic sounds of terrorizing within the manipulation blending of Doom Metal to experimental Noise-Thrasher through the screaming hatred against their bullshit world via Cutting Pieces as the emotional motion of tsunami waves violence to the more abrasive collateral damaging presentations driven by the mechanical instincts exploded on Septic, Wrong, Extended Suicide to Fire. 

There’s something wrong if you feel like there’s nothing abnormal happening to this life these days with no head-splodes. 

You need to be bashing in by people or just kill yourself after you killing those irritating people around your neighbor-hood ! 

Cutting Pieces: