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Rainbowspaceshuttleman (Self-Released 2013)

   Guitarist/vocalist Sam Mercurio, bassist/vocalist Sam Boles and drummer Ethan Weiss as a trio did recording their Garage Surf-Punk and Alternative blasts of lesser-known objective arrival within the casts of group naming themselves The Chelsea Kills as the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s band rocking out within the fifteen songs written and arranged by themselves seems to be alike of free themes lyrics and letting nobody commanding how to make a rocking possession as the available music standard might sounding its catchy tunes to your ears and smiling shown while cranking these music up hard on the stereo during the silent night of your lonely Saturday with no dates or on the driving to nowhere roads. Ideas and thoughts are the expensive things to waste and Pulp Culture found out the catching up over those which facilitates Germany, My Girl, I Fall Out, Goodbye Kid, When You Walk By and Jesus Box to blaring the mid-tempo Punkish-Pop music to the neighborhood in a buzz. An originally post-mortem premeditated aggression of simultaneous mattress on cinder trampoline and softer released this season.

Pulp Culture: