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Quick Street Smoke (Sire Records Company 1992)

   Trespassing is an area of criminal law or tort law with jurisdiction recognizable to be apprehension being assault and battery if one’s dare to crossing the surrounding area.
This related to the story on neo-crime thriller movie with the background of two fireman trying to enter saving an old man inside the burning building given a map before he swallowed up by flames did make Don and Vince doing little more research about the story on thief whom stealing large amount of gold from a church and hid them somewhere around buildings of East St. Louis as then they driving out to proving the real thing and get the gold back for one day. 
Unfortunately for them; the building they’ve entered and hiding those stolen gold also being spotted by local gang boys – led by King James while executing his opponent. 
Since the fucked up situations gone wrong terribly as the black-gangsta armed and dangerous ready to blow the whitey guys for good; the chasing, the struggles and the strategic replays holding the big turfs for whose going to win over this situations being told as it is a reality happening on Trespass (the movie) directed by Walter Hill starring Ice-T, Bill Paxton, William Sadler, Ice Cube and the lucky homeless guy named Bradlee whom stumbles in the middle of shoot-out as Vince and Don manage to captures King James’ little brother Lucky for an exchange over their safety lives. 
   Various Artists on Trespass (Music From The Motion Picture) within all the greatest Gangsta Rap/Scratches-Mix to explicit Rn’B/Hip-Hop flavored sounds and songs like Depths of Hell – feat. Daddy Nitro (Ice-T), Gotta Do What I Gotta Do (Public Enemy), I Checks My Bank (Sir-Mix-A-Lot), Penthouse Players Clique on I’m A Playa [Bitch], Black Sheep’s On The Wall to AMG for Don’t Be a 304 as more dangerous scenes where two whiteys trying to escape from the black-gangs with the precious gold as the reinforcement crew gangs arrived with bigger guns; the greedy Savon (the right hand man commander of King James) and some other boys knowing about the gold and wanted to keep it to themselves as Lucky being shot himself, the furious King James met Don to kill each other same as Savon and Raymond (the pimp) after the gold several times changed hands right where the building burns out and Bradlee told Vince the last survivor to run away while he picking up the sack of gold for himself.