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Psalm Irae (Bandcamp 2017)

Retailing the indigenous modern digital sound mixing through the Industrial experimental as sacred music or weird Folk Alternative tunes comes aloud from the smaller soft and re-issued twelve tracks recording by Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus teamed project off Liverpool, UK on Mirror – the releasing album from them. 
One can seek the truth reveals afar like the painting of a sitting lady smoking herself out watching the figure crossing the field downhill as mysterious as possible rolls up curtains for an answer through the songs of whispering windy of mystique over Hymn to Dionysius, Theme de L’Homme Qui n’a Pas Cru en Lui-Meme, Nostalgia and the unique-eerie Immaculado or Shadowlands – that really sounding calmer and heavenly by tension to welcoming kinds of opening sky or doomsday unprepared within the performance from Nativity or Man of Sorrow as your hearing shall be left alone reprises to you whether the tracks comes and gone for eight minutes by Jazzy genre progress or shorter than that …