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Pretender Supposed (Self-Released 2011)

   New Orleans rousing acts of 90’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal not just releasing their old demo-tapes and compiling them but with a great efforts and true strength bravery gives you on the good works over rock-modern-tinged that whirling distorts of power-horsing beats standard available by producer Derek Dufrense to Shane Ward (engineer) as all songs written and arranged by Durfresne, Gerbrand and Andres adding their performance on guitar, keyboards and other live musical instruments fusion – like the reminder of Velvet Revolver minus the characteristic lead singer Scott Weyland through this album entitled - Threshold.

Bursts things into twelve tracks rocked-out to highway banging heads listening moments via See You, Quicksand, Of You Of Me, Until I Die, Only Love Remains or The Pain That Made You – creeps in louder as the basic tolerant of your parents are low; these songs recording may proving that Modern Rock stays heavy as it gets til today !