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Pops Past Café (Independent 2015)

   Shining with these songs for shine through your dancing acts penetrates the miserable days where meeting the jerk behind the wheel or the annoying honks perhaps, would be a reminder about there’s something more important in this world rather than money, fast cars, disturbing behavior and choices made for enjoying the little things and for the last option there – one shall finding it here via Pulsar Olymp music celebrating Synth-Pop made by a young multi-instrumentalist and composer of Lo-Fi also singer or songwriter whom did pretty good recording these songs – sounded like a last disco dance of the 80’s for cruise ship within a blended Hip-Hop Electro and capable dreams for old fashioned analog and actions involved through 94Shine recording. 

Celebration, Chechen Girl, Car of Love, Forever Beasts, Hot Romantic Kisses to Sexy Tennis must be meaningful to listen or catch. Your chance to be happy through a certain crappy days of living and meet a moustache lady!