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Poor Bear Darkling (Saddle Creek 2014)

   Female musician with dark hair, pale skin, mysterious beauty and music to listening for is a singer, song-writer whom born in Birmingham, Alabama but as she didn’t do anything within her previous groups like Azure Ray or Harouki Zombi then Orenda Fink would letting her American-roots musical project of solo acts reveals within a very decent mesmerizing interests to the audience to hear her angelic voice and slower-tuned medium force of Folk-Rock and Pop songs by self-written and collaborative works for the latest album called Blue Dream. Strings arrangements; melodic piano and live-wired musical instruments that dwelling deeper onto the watery perfect environment possessions for track-listed like You Can Be Loved, This is a Part of Something Greater, Ace of Cups, Holy Holy or You Are a Mystery ringing them bells to everyone whose opening their minds and eras by listening to these music presentation after the last light faded out and the evening comes with different stories to you to share.

Teeth and Dolphin means something precious that might slipping lost from your lives lately, answered temporary by the non-demanding sounds of the greenish album color.

Blue Dream: