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Planet G (Back Lot Music 2012)

   Steve Jablonsky marching the spirits of American music composing instrumentals for the background scoring tracks accompanying this action military and sci-fi movie within the commanding for no surrender to anything which includes the Hawaii-an fleet of US Navy ships force battling the invader armada of an amphibian extra-terrestrial intelligence to destructing the earth.As slacker turned to a signing up to join the US Navy as naval officer Stone Hooper did to his little brother Alex whom doing stupid and stealing stuff only to impressing his girl – Sam Shane as almost on the same time NASA receiving information of a discovered inhabitable planet supporting life as a transmission send there later on giving us a bigger problem.
Lieutenant of USS John Paul Jones – Alex Hooper feeling proudly happy with his girl Sam as older brother Stone leads the USS Sampson did their Rim Pacific Exercise in Hawaii with the JMSDF Kongo-class Destroyer Myoko of Japan to competes against each other for the best team wins but while NASA received the response it is too late to stop five giant alien spacecraft landed closer to Hongkong with four others going to Hawaii. Ordered to investigate the alien objects – Alex with the GM2 weapon specialist Cora Raikes in a team of smaller crew to approaching with zodiac flicks a massive force of field barricades the entire Hawaii islands as RIMPAC fleets frozen with astonishing and disbelieves looking at those giant structure/spacecraft begin to transforming higher and arming-equipped ready to starting war as it is happening with the destruction of Sampson and Myoko killing the entire crew including Stone. 
Not backing up even in his agony; Alex then taking in charge while helping some survivors from Japanese navy fleet including Captain Nagata as the alien launches drones to attacking the most parts of the island. Actions and courage requires to staying alive to fight the intruding invaders from outer space and the tracks like The Art of War, The Beacon Project, Shredders, It’s Your Ship Now, Regents Are on The Mainland; Trying to Communicate or Somebody’s Gonna Kiss The Donkey as well as Water Displacement – tells the audience through the further explosions and the bombardment between the power force advancing fleet of the amphibian aliens and USS John Paul Jones by the modern classical scoring soundtrack gives braver and sneaky smart ways to win the turf points one by one at a time as Battle on Land and Sea happening just like chain-reactions with (the babe physical therapist) Sam helping a US Navy retired colonel/double amputee Mick Canales on a mountain hike in Oahu trapped to surviving as well witnessing policemen ambushed to be killed by the aliens before met Cal Zapata the local scientist whom knowing about the terrible events happening now since the Gliese system discovery planet discovering something.
   Three of them and the rest of USS John Paul Jones must go hand in hand to stop the aliens from succeeded their mission as the sabotage their structure-bases on the ground with the Battleship fighting on sea/shore against the jumping spacecraft in blinded non-detected radar to use NOAA’s tsunami warning buoys idea brilliantly works. 
As the more information about how the aliens highly sensitive to sunlight helps them to slowly defeating them, opening the barricades and letting RIMPAC fleet destroying the crafts, drones as well the mothership rallies as then, Alex promoted in a military ceremony on the fully action of Battleship.