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Pink Moon (Bandcamp 2017)

   Istanbul’s local music scene and supporting artists promoting that they’re really considering an emerging talents for making a good international singer like the semi-legendary Nick Drake becoming their true saint and savior – especially, thus lovers and fans on the reflecting echoes journey through the mainstream collectible by In The Void compilation like one on In The Void Presents: Nick Drake Tribute within your favorite tracks covered by some of Turkey’s finest groups and singers or musicians through these thirteen songs recorded here and available to listen carefully carrying every aspects of beauty and artistic via Fanikedi’s Day is Gone, Nilipek & Can Aydinoglu for Place To Be, Efe Demiral on Cello Song, Alper Yildirim & Egemen Kirkagac singing Parasite, Mert Alperten doing Come Into The Garden or Ezgi Mutlu over River man and Toll Tres on Three Hours; subjective and personal as you can get to accepting not many tribute albums for our Nick Drake but this one particularly, presenting their better sides on the interpretation as well as the journey of lights within good album artwork graphic design but mostly, for the greater choice to share to the world about some important percentage on Mr. Nicky Drake works.