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Pasi Purple Mint (White Whale Records 2005)

   Multiple Instrumental Post-Rock form Vancouver-based ensemble playing the Shoegaze sounds by comparison as the progressive contact of melodies and non-vocals harmony leads the entire adventurer territories entrance slowly to be attached within thus combination of rhythms pulsation to guitar effects and shift dynamic volume dealing to the foursome musicians linked to others project plaything musical such as Paul Goertzen, Tim Loewen, Jaret Penner and Josh Lindstrom releasing their own soft-mysterious projections over Precious Fathers in the performance off Post-Rock and Indie Rock as the self-titled recording shows Red Norvo, Get All The Ribbons and Bring Them Back Here; Upset Frankie Hustle, Prairie Train as well as Ant and The Pea – leading your favorable phases on lowering the mid-tempo sketches recorded by performance of Precious Fathers clan.

Precious Fathers: