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Panda King (Community Records 2008)

These were Daniel Majorie and Chris George recording works representing that once there’s a Ska-Core heavy band from New Orleans in mature, focused and better precision of musicianship performance under the name of Fatter Than Albert releasing their second good album – The Last Minute.
Comprising of Charles McInnis, Daniel Ray, Greg Rodrigue, Hunter F. Miller to John Bourgeois and other names; meet their amusement sounds mixing Ska, Hardcore, Punk and Jazz into a Rock musical displays – from the furious fastest to the doomy slower tuning tempos. 
Shouting and sing-along as anthems for the middle age towards new millennium and generations whom miss the third wave of Ska-Core resurrection before that, Spitting Contest, Tchoupitoulas Slim, $100 Headphones or 27s Part 1 and 2 did injecting head-bang virus on your nightmarish brain – my dear friends !

The Last Minute: