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Outlet Inner Militant (Roadrunner 1998)

   New York City troops of the New-School Hardcore with the outfit core members opportunity floats toward these roadie for legendary Bad Brains/Cro-Mags vocalist John Joseph impressively, resuming the credits as included guitarist A.J Novello, Eddie Coen the bass player and drummer Pokey as the stage shows giving something that reminds the crowds about how once the New York HC quarters used to be the main characterizing beats of the underground for Big Apple hearts as signing in to be recognizable as Both Worlds releasing the debut recording on Memory Rendered Visible as the modern clashing between high-tech world today versus the ancient Hinduism deity beliefs comparable by clashing tight as the two dimension met featuring Cornered, Hate Mantra, Spiritual Flu, Free Speech (Will Cost You) onto Mode of Ignorance or Karma Inc. might given the exact exhibits to your ears on the established non-mainstream violent music of the street gangs New York on the late ninety-eights !

Memory Rendered Visible: