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Orrery Hatchlings (Polygram/Interscope 2000)

   The legendary story surrounding the life of the anti-hero high/maximum security of a dangerous convict named Richard B. Riddick the Furyan taken an escorted prisoner by a bounty hunter law-enforcer officer Johns; Muslim preacher with his three teenage sons, travelling to New Mecca led by docking pilot Carolyn and co-pilot Owens as well several passenger compartments like a boy named Jack, prospectors like Shazza and Zeke or a merchant named Paris.
A comet debris suddenly sending the distant future hunter spacecraft Hunter-Gratzner cryostasis-transports off the course as the hull was ruptured; crash-landed on a remote distance three-suns planetary system while most of the passengers including Owens died. 
The surviving group soon found out from the facts at an abandoned geological research facilities while the perpetual daylight kept on before the permanent darkness caused by an eclipse occurs. Zeke died by the underground creature attacks but rumor spreading and accuses Riddick to be their immediate suspect as somehow they’re realizing the photosensitive monsters lived underneath the desert sand planet surface ready to come out and consuming them later as being imminent to hunt above ground while the everlasting eclipse suddenly started. 
   One by one from the prospector girl Shazza to one of preacher’s son being attacked and becoming the creatures feast victims as the rest leftovers planning something before it’s too late and begin with freeing Riddick – believed to be much helpful for his killer skills and highly-sensitive eyes that can see in the dark – preparing all thus equipments that producing lights to covering their escape through the abandoned spaceship on the other side of the hills as being surrounded by the flesh-eating flying creatures in various sizes and sudden deadly attacks. 
Salvaging light-sources, running faster and try not to be eaten as one by one of them died including the drug-addict bounty hunter Johns whose attempts to kill Riddick from behind as well as the last sons of the muslim preacher Imam. 
Rainfall and last Molotov torches with wounded Riddick seems to be the end of the surviving journey but as the cave hiding them filled with glowing bio-luminescent worms and Riddick manage to reach the ship; finally – some of them really relieved for going out from that darkness hell-hole with Riddick piloting but losing Carolyn in the process being killed by the creature after saving Riddick’s life from another vicious attack. 
   This event actually, changed something inside the killer’s heart through this action thrilling sci-fi film and soundtrack composed by Graeme Revell over Pitch Black scoring soundtrack instrumental songs sounding Aftermath, Was It a Dream ?, Elegy, Boneyard, Stalker, Show Me Your Eyes, Desert Journey, Looks Here, Sle Dogs or I Never Saw France a complete scary terrifying but also intense and adventurous to shock you up !