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Office Sunday Ticket (Paramount Picture 2008)

   Within Michael Giacchino making the composition for the original motion picture soundtrack over this terrorizing the audience on presented footage of the surviving young New Yorkers escaping the sudden disaster occurs on their daily night-life also with some various artists recording songs as Kings of Leon’s Taper Jean Girl, Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls, Got Your Moments by Scissors For Lefty, Parliament, Locksley, The Blood Arm onto Coconut Records or Kevin Brown and Lekha Rathnakumar music plays while Rob’s having a surprise party from his brother Jason and girlfriend Lily with many of their collages and friends having a good time through the small farewell because Rob will go abroad to work in Japan.
The tape showing the entertainment and the fearsome events happening to Rob. Jason, Lily, camera-guy Hud and marlena did their testimonials along with other guests before the shockwave hits and black-out the entire Brooklyn Heights area to the entire city with explosions and flash news about terrible things around terrorist attacks or nuclear strikes or something impossible as a tanker thrown hits liberty island or the building collapses, people died and the streets rules by martial war and military declaring night-watch asking people not to go further or must gathering to some safety points zone for further information about what’s really going on. 
Hud then recording that an enormous creature rampaging some blocks in front of them while the head of liberty city smashed into the nearby shops and buildings within the looters started taking things from electronic and supermarkets; Rob trying to call his ex-girlfriend Beth but no connection available making him decided to go saving her in Time Warner Center, Midtown Manhattan apartment while forcing others to keep going to reach safe place crossing the bridge while national guard of 42nd infantry division attacking the monsters which dropping smaller parasites like alien fleas that seemed to be harmless to kill by armed force. Crowded bridge destroyed by the giant monster attack killing most of the refugees including Jason leaving Rob to reuniting with Lily, Hud, Marlena and rescuing Beth from the her collapsing apartment buildings in such horrific conditions just like the city being destroyed by the mysterious then encountered again by Rob, Hud, Beth, Lily and Marlena whom got bitten by one of the medium sized fleas and die, infected and blown up inside the military care unit while the others boarding to a helicopter for safer place after being diagnoses healthy and not contaminated. 
   Departing with marines corps helicopter, witnessing the air force B-2 spirit bombing the monstrous creature causing it falls but lunges towards their helicopter and causing it crashed to Central Park. Hammer Down Protocol being announced from the radio within the crash-site as three of the survivors begin to conscious only to find Hud discovering his camera then got approaches and eaten alive by the alien creature gigantic monster leaving Rob and Beth running for shelter under Greyshot Arch with sirens blaring louder and louder; as the bombing starts it’s only a few time left for them to testimony on the camera for the last time and leave a kiss goodbye to each other until the place crumbles down buried them both in rubbles screaming for another bombing as the creature roars … and the old footage of their coney island trip seeing something fell to the ocean among thus happiness at that time and it freezes with indistinctly background radio chatter. 

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