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Oasis Redemption (Overture Films 2009)

   Story of a lifetime for Bob Wilton the reporter whom flies from Kuwait to Iraq proving that his stumble meeting for retired US Special Force operation Lyn Cassady reveals the unti training which possible kinetic super-powers of psychic spies like Jedi warrior on develop parapsychological skills on invisibility, remote viewing and phasing through flashback of further evidence like the ninety-seventy two accident of the officer Bill Django falling from huey heli on binh duong province with the inability unwillingly to kill female enemy soldier whom shot him which later make him learning deeper about their gentleness is their strength bulking the mission fully to a new age movement changing his appearance later to a braided hair and third eye pyramid tattoo on the chest. This so called New Earth Army would be the essential credulous facilitated developing implementation mission that can resolving rivalry conflicts peacefully as The Men Who Stare At Goats teaching positive idea sided over an emphasizing for Larry, Django and Lyn under General Hopgood’s surveillance. Bob and Lyn took a travel to Iraq where they’re kidnapped by criminals who sold them to the insurgents but escaping before rescued by private security Todd Nixon as they flees on a caught firefight fiasco Bob, Lyn and Larry continues the alleged mission as envisioning Bob’s Django. Original soundtrack from Rolfe Kent taking much related scenery and story to the harmony listenable tracks within Cloudbursting on The Road, Bill’s Speech – A New Kind of Warrior, Dolce, Gas Station Shootout, A Night at Mahmoud’s might scores the Writing The Story journey of comedy and silly situation among the IED disabling road cars as a wrong fork; Al-Qaim destination and Arabic roadsigns to the wandering in the desert reveals how Lyn stopping a goat’s heart with his mental ability as the beliefs about evil deeds cursing this New Earth Army program members erupts. Unauthorized LSD using experiments resulting soldier’s death forced Django leaving the army. Bob and Lyn rehabilitated on a PSIC camp engaging psychic and psychological experiments on a herd of goats and some captured locals with run by Larry and a depressed alcoholic Django as Bob gathering information for his story but then, spiking the food and water for LSD as freeing the captured locals and goats for the removing on the curse while Lyn and Django disappears into the sky by helicopter like shamans within the portion entire experience being aired on the news writing down articles of Bob frustrates by only showing the captives to listening torture of Barney & Friends theme song 24 hours ended with Bob testing his psychic abilities concentration only to headlong to a solid wall …