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Noble Maiden Fair (Walt Disney 2012)

   Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra as being composed by Patrick Doyle on the musical soundtrack score of animated drama fantasy and adventure of young princess Merida of the medieval Scotland having a terrible choice to make as designed as plan by her mother Queen Elinor and father King Fergus on the competition of the highland games for the allied chieftains’s sons whom can - not also as marrying Merida but shaming her mother and other competitors by easily wins the archery contest as arguing with Queen Elinor leaves the result of Merida finding the witch house by following the wisps and bargain some spell to change the fate but only make things went wrongly worse as Queen Elinor eating the spelled cake from the witch given by Merida transforming her to bear with less and less personal humans ability to communicate before permanently, turning to a real bear as both of them realizing the late information left by the witch inside the abandoned hut about a legendary prince having the same fate and cannot turning back but becoming the beasty Mor’du but luckily, still got the time for changing her mother’s back by mending the bond – torn by pride related to the tore apart tapestry on the castle. While escaping from being eaten by Mor’du on an ancient ruins somewhere in the forest - Brave movie also showing its soundtrack songs performed by Julie Fowlis on Touch The Sky, Learn Me Right from Mumford & Sons with Birdy and Patrick Doyle composition instrumentals: The Games, Fate and Destiny, The Witch’s Cottage and Remember to Smile among the story continuity on how the rest of the kingdom gone crazy seeing a bear sneaking in and looks dangerous inside – preparing to hunts down it outside by horses and the helping triplet younger brothers also turning to bear for eating the rest of the magic cake; Merida must repairs the tapestry at once and returning her mother into human before Fergus and the clan captures her as Mor’du also shown up spreading horror among those men but caught in battle with Queen Elinor before being crushed by the giant dolmen as freeing the prince soul as well as breaking the curse of the queen and the three little sons as everyone finally, rejoicing a bid farewell at the docks in laughter.