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No Time (Anuhea Jams 2012)

   Rylee Anuheakee’alaokalokelani or Anuhea Jenkins was born and raised in the island of Maui, Hawaii with blending of Welsh, German, Chinese and Hawaiian to be one of the local talented singer with her beauty to show the world within the contemporary soulful Rn'B, Folk, Blues and Pop-Rock Hawaiian becoming her targeting written and arranges music making on the second album entitled For Love; gives us the good format on beach-side relaxing tunes and sensual female voice over Pop-Reggae mixture via Higher Than The Clouds, Mr. Mellow, I Wanna Be There, Fight For Me Tonight or Crown Royal and Sunday will make your instinct fell for liking her appearance because she’s greater than just being perfect for the audience ears as well as the social media and the international charts !

   If you liking her music, you can listen them up - if you liking more ... it's not your fault or her but thankfully, blessings from the highest creator making such a gorgeous figure uniquely exotic like the pacific islands themselves and the beauty of Anuhea; grown talented.

For Love: