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No Second Change (Columbia Pictures Industries 2003)

   Adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel as features for many films over the late sixties and seventies as the American psychological thriller directed by James Mangold called Identity may becoming one of your collection choices over this genre-type movies as the execution awaits for the vicious murder Malcolm Rivers convicted but then a mis-filed of the evidence for the case found as the psychiatric Dr. Malick arguing with the defense attorney contending that Malcolm legally insane as the midnight hearing brought the last evidence determines an adequate journal for granted motion continues by a different whole story towards the ten stranded strangers being cut off from the outside world somewhere around remote Nevada motel by the middle of striking torrential rainstorm as being greets by the hotel manager Larry on the group consisting for The York family (George, Alice and son Timmy), limo driver and ex-cop Ed Dakota, Caroline the 80’s popular actress, officer Rhodes transporting convicts murderer Robert as well as Paris Nevada the prostitute and the newlywed Ginny and Lou sheltering together awkwardly but soon after being shocked by the murder of Caroline whose being decapitated and put inside the laundry machine with the keychain number 10 found as the head went missing confuses the others. 
Larry sneak to snatch the her wallet while the convicts escaping and the arguing newlywed Lou and Ginny fights resulting Lou being stabbed to death by unknown killer as well as the unguarded cuffs Robert to a post with the keychain number 8 and 9. Suspecting everyone as the killer as thus bizarre death occurs causes by either a one by one countdown or supernatural native american burial ground nearby as panicking Larry attempts to escapes with the truck but runs over George and kills him as his wife also dying from the previous accident involving Ed limo. 
The next chapter moves back to the courtyard hearing as Dr. Malick revealed Malcolm diaries indicates the extreme case suffering of Dissociative Identity Disorder on him harboring eleven distinct personalities as defense attorney argues about Malcolm been unaware doing such crimes as then soon be executed violating the supreme court rules as Dr. Malick introduce an integrating concept about D.I.D. As Larry’ lying about owning a hotel after finding the real manager’s dead from natural causes as Alice died for her injuries, Vegas desperate finding a keychain number 6 on Alice as number 7 out of George; concluding such an unsafe plan to stay at the motel and the rest survivors needs to leave immediately but as Ginny and Timmy boarded into a car which explodes soon after that. 
   The hysteric Paris yelling to the assailant only to find out that her birthday and Ed, Rhodes and Larry’s ID confirms that they’re born on a same day May 10 which also Malcolm and the rest of the dead persons with them. Headache reveals to Ed the different real reflection of Malcolm  shown by Dr. Malick as Alan Silvestri keeps the original motion picture soundtrack following the intense confusing case over the movie Identity with Bodies Disappear, Suicide Jumper, Lou is Dead, Settling In, What Have You Done? Or Rhode’s Secret showing Malcolm horrid fact of the personalities created since a child cope to abandonment or abusive subjected on him as one predicted of a homicidal template killing spree identity must be revealed by Ed and eliminate. Far looking to the motel as rain still falling; Ed comes back to help Paris whom had an information about the real story about who Rhodes and Robert doing inside the police car with the results of Rhodes attacking Paris but saved by Larry killed by a shot as being after by Ed before fatally shooting each other, leaving Paris alive. 
The surprising end where Malcolm placed to a mental institution turns out to be Paris failed to comes back to her Orange Groves Florida as Timmy showed up from the backseat kills her as well Malcolm strangled Dr. Malick as the van swerved off the road as wicked Timmy taking his sole role for Malcolm.