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Neon Hands (Frontiers Music SRL 2014)


With members like James Martin, Nick Workmanor Tom Martin forming this British band over the previous group for Mr. Workman as the successful and respects writing partnership with House of Lords, Danger Danger as well as Khymera or Sunstorm being resulted a brand new project of good sound-maker through this Hard Rock/Pop-Metal rockheads building Vega.

Releasing their third albums as half-mysterious but easy-listening and forcing the listeners to sing-along with them proclaiming the themes written and rocked-out through Ballad of The Broken Hearted, The Fall, Wherever We Are, My Anarchy, The Wild The Weird The Wonderful as well as Gonna Need Some Love Tonight or 10XS Bigger Than Love might be deliciously, unstoppable to re-taking your interest to liking Stereo Messiah as your new favorite compact disc today ! 

Stereo Messiah: