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Mountainside Ascent (Varese Sarabande 2007)

   Within an alternative title for Pathfinder: The Legend of The Ghost Warrior or simply, known before as (just) Pathfinder – is an epic American action movie background the history of first Viking age expedition discovering the new land arrives in America as they’re intended to slaughtering the native population known as the Indians as the Viking hunting party being killed by the native but leaving a survivor of a leader’s son being adopted by native woman naming him Ghost. After fifteen years later of growing adaptation to the surroundings new environments as native – Ghost whom still living among the tribes never been fully accepted but his romantic interest for Starfire a daughter of the Pathfinder as an eldery chief on the neighboring clan tribe grows bigger and better each times. A new Viking group comes down from their long boats and raiding to attacks the village as Ghost places and people being totally, destroyed with many inhabitants killed and others were captured for individual sport combats by the Vikings led by Gunnar as he challenge Ghost whom surprising them to see as the paleness looks and heights looks almost similar to the Norsemen as Ghost cut one eye of Ulfar using the possession of his father’s sword and escaping. Pathfinder movie scoring tracks conducted by Tim Davies as performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus via Sanctuary, The Discovery, Haunted, The Aftermath, Cave Surprise to Healing Ceremony or Moving On continues the story of Ghost pursued by Vikings with an arrow wound reaches the neighboring village tribe and tended by pathfinder and his daughter as Ghost advises them to flee while he departs to dealing the Vikings himself. Joined by Jester (mute admirer) and Starfire whom decided to leave her tribe for him as chief Pathfinder himself joining the fight but executed brutally with Ghost and Starfire captured.
The clever Ghost betray the location to the Vikings for stop threatening and tortures Starfire but the pretending leads to trap and killed as many of the invaders by drowning them through the icy lake or caught the march under the avalanche in their way finally – leaves Gunnar to facing Ghost in a cliff’s edge battle and died under the young Pathfinder as respected the bravest by the tribe and Starfire as he then kept positioning himself to watch over the coast for another strikes of the Vikings.