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Moscow Variation (Deutsche Grammophon 2016)

   Eduard Snowden will be recognizable to the modern millennium history as one of the bravest whistle-blower of all time asides of others such as WikiLeaks. The movie Snowden viewing thus background story around the background origin of the beginning career of Eduard Snowden serving to the US Army for matriculating to Special Force but fracture his tibia one day for the reckless jump and administratively discharged. Applies to CIA position as undergoes screening process answering questions insufficient but luckily, the second chance try-out trust from deputy director Corbin O’Brian demands Snowden an extra-ordinary times at the hill as he then trained as educated to deeper subjects on cyberwarfare and learning about the foreign intelligence surveillance act as circumvent priority over the fourth amendment cause and effects allowing the US citizen requests approval by judge panels warranty as Snowden impressing everyone including chief O’Brian to complete the re-building a communication network exercise under 40 minutes. The meeting to democrats affiliated girl Lindsay Mills via dating website bond Snowden even within their sharp-contrasts ideology political views as then the two went to his first post abroad the Geneva diplomatic cover and meet agent Gabriel Sol whom sharing electronic surveillance experience setting up their target as leverage information from him under DUI charge making Snowden rethinking and resigns. Time goes by as Snowden being back to his position in the NSA spending mission tasks in Japan pretense to build program for the government to back-up critical datas of the middle east in case of emergency named Epic Shelter. Learning the NSA practice and other US government agencies using this to all allies countries as well planting malware insdie computers, infrastructures and financial sectors effectively a prevention in case the allies turning their back on the US as the relationship between the stressed out Snowden and Lindsay ends. The strong character of Snowden played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as directed and written by Oliver Stone/Kieran Fitzgerald as thus leaked classified information about Guantanamo detaining camp tortures, illegal cyber snooping on millions unsuspecting citizen of America and the world seems to be unknown by everyone but the agency to the composing music score by Craig Armstrong through SD Cards, Burden of Truth, Whatever Happened to Paradise ?, Running Out of Time, Happiness Montage onto Ed Copies Data or Download to Rubik reveals almost the entire truth kept from the eyes of public and even higher authority departments to the presidents himself. Counter-attacking Chinese hackers, diagnosed with epilepsy, repurposed massive electronic surveillance and SIGINT operations tells Snowden about how his Epic Shelter provides real-time data assists the US drone-pilots on launching lethal strikes against terror suspects and smuggling all relevant data before being disillusioned contacts journalist Ewen MacAskill and smuggled to Hong Kong on a flight to Latin America before stays on his (seemingly, a permanent ) asylum in Russia.