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Model Ex Citizen (Goner Records 2008)

   Fifteen years rocking the traditional defying genre on noisy and Hard Rock/Dance Music of New Orleans as Psychedelic souls filtered within thus Pop-Goth, Bluesy tough distorted Hammond b-3 as well as self-made Electronic instruments being well known locally as Quitron and Miss Pussycat plays some maracas, singing, entertaining all ages group with highly amusing puppet Technicolor shows.
   The tenth Louisiana’s full length recording being release there on this vampiric-background groovy/ghoulie Too Thirsty 4 Love with the helpful snake wrangler Jeff Matheson, back-up singers Aime’e Toledano, Elizabeth Macey and Judy Bolton to self-touching Quintron for drummer/organist or Miss Pussycat’s vocals/shaker/wind may causing damage as the biting extra and drinking late night continues with the playing music sounds over Dirt Bag Fever, Walk to The Harvest, Sunday Night, Grey Ghost and Freedom – forcing many to enters and dancing like a drunken crazy motherfuckers; saluting the grooves and the blood suckers couple on hunting duties !

Too Thirsty 4 Love: