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Miscarriage Pelt (Not On Label 2016)

   Another ray of deadly mists project slamming brutal and technical Death Metal/Deathcore from Hassle, UK is the excitement addition from the ideas by Eddie Pickard and Aaron Kitcher over these eleven destructive – growling parade sessions blasts and mighty riff-age ready to pressing your hatred down to the ground before erupts higher and develops onto a penetrating degradation over men’s world as Behold The Kingdom of The Wretched Undying (feat. Tyler Shelton, Bryan Long, Dillon Becker & Chris Whited) within the seventeen minutes and fourteen seconds duration in the middle of the chaos forge of fire darkness falls effects spreading like a horror massive mass to your ears after being smash-up before through Unholy Gravebirth, Crucifilth, Baptised Bastardised Sodomised and Blasphemian right before the exit explosion horrid enclosing for Neonatalimpalionecropphilliation. 

This is The Elysian Grandeval Galeriarch from Infant Annihilator !