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Mirage Let Go (Avant! 2015)

   A deeper down sensuality comes by the dangerous blending of playful lights and enigmatic shadowy like the iron fists and velvet gloves in contextual confrontations; being brought to life in its most unique sounds product here by our London, UK’s Goth-girl power solo project off DRIFT. made pretty much ado about the sensibility order using her talents and the life-styling musical choice via Goth-Pop where here on the mini recording of Black Devotion; your favorable blending on Synth-Pop, New Wave, Electronic and Indie-Rock coming into the surface under those blurred picture or figured of a sharp-eyes girl seeing us from the other-side of the glass dimension. 

Feel free to play them louder on the stereo system, these miraculously six content tracks from Grave, Dreams in Silkscreen, Say it Right or Hard to Accept. 

Written and recorded by herself while the artwork provided by Carol Vandanesi.

Black Devotion EP: