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Mirage Bedouin (Universal Classics Group 2005)

   War-drama biography filming due the objective events within fictional names in the Arabian peninsula where hundreds of US Army soldiers and marines being deployed as well as the story of Anthony “Swoof” Swofford finding his difficult times attending US Marine Corps training at Camp Pendleton as he struggles, feign illness to avoid his responsibility but potentially noted by his staff sergeant to be ordered training his scout sniper course and grueling training left eight candidates as Swofford is among them with roommate Corporal Alan Troy as the spotter; their unit luckily being chosen to go to war after a short flash news that Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s regime invading their neighboring country Kuwait as then US Army being sent there as part of Operation Desert Shield as the Marines or Jarhead on this movie getting really bored from various countless remedial training, constant drills on poisonous gas and chemical warfare protections, monotone routines within feeding prompt over letters and videos from the unfaithful cheated girlfriends or wives as well as erected bulletin magazine through nude photographs and dirty imaginable among good news from home commits the changes on them mostly. Desert patrolling as sands is the only thing you can see over there around you that might giving you bad dreams about vomiting them too adding the hundred thousand deploying soldiers there as stressed people waiting to tick like a time bomb or just stupidly, did something dangerous and unauthorized alcohol and wild organized Christmas party blazing fire that burns the ammunition depot causing explosions with no actual casualties but enraging Staff Sergeant Sykes to demotes Swoff from lance corporal to private and shit-burning job combines with infidelity suspicious girlfriend at home giving him a mental breakdown by threatening his friend Fergus on forcing him to shoot Swoff in the face but canceled in tears. Marines sent to Kuwait-Saudi borders as they’re learn about the terrible horrific reality on panorama from the extensive heat causing by Iraqis burnt out the oil rigs sources as it’s raining black oil like the earth’s bleeding onto the victims of death civilians/vehicles trying to escapes but got hit by the hydrogen bombs would be a devastating views too see or investigates along the way. Thomas Newman providing us the scoring tracks like Welcome to The Suck, Raining Oil, Battery Run, Dickskinner and Zoomies added more by some classics various artists like T-Rex singing Get It On, O.P.P from Naughty By Nature and Fight The Power (Public Enemy) surfacing the war-sceneries along the film. The silly camel head shot, raging arabs; veiling women being mocked dirty by the soldiers on the street onto wreckage crispy and sniper being bombarded by the US Air Force and friendly bombing as a mistake happens. Airfield sniping mission gone failure after the battalion commander shows up and canceled the approving target shot by Swoff and Troy in rage as watching the old Iraqi airport being bombs by US jet fighters. Suddenly, the war stops with America comes out a winner and Saddam going down; the whole camp went wilder partying and then returning to US soil doing their daily job again. The supermarket sweeps, prostituting the bar, father of kids as some going back to the field of war again – some other died of tragic suicide and surprise visits from an old friend bringing bad news reflecting Swoff about the soldier’s souls that still stuck on the desert since that day …