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Message Personnel (Heavenly/Arista 1999)

   Pretty much mysterious inroads of her significant self-made of encircled Electronic Music as tenure fronting for Edinburgh, Scotland’s born female songwriter/singer Dorothy Elliot Allison of then known to the public since the late nineteen ninety-nine era as Dot Allison whom also releasing her first debut recording Afterglow which reveals the glimpse of herself portraying photograph for the front cover mysterious blonde girl without a smile and spiritually demanding more inner-depth of consciousness and free thoughts lyrics collaborates to the track-listed songs of the album such of Tomorrow Never Comes, Close Your Eyes, I Wanna Feel The Chill, Did I Imagine You ? or In Winter Still fading into a blending beauty and angelic as well as thus depressive-tinged melancholy intuition of a woman between the slower beats of Down-tempo to Neo-Folk.

Feels like you in love to her after a good listening ? 

Don’t be shy about it …