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Memorable Items (MyTona Pte. 2017)

   Incredible journey after you choose your own character as the adventure gorgeous hidden object game finding, begins. The cursed city of Darkwood welcomes you as their savior not a failure as Seeker's Notes taking you to entering misty dark streets in no hurry or a quick reveals upon their secrets the chosen one possessor of powerful artifact – the magical map as the role-listed savior battling the curses to stop by helping the town folks under thus blossoming sakura sweetening as the arrival of Spring slowly comes as collecting tokens, coins and gems may giving you advantages later on.
Basking the sun or enjoying good weather doesn’t mean you forgetting those tasks among melancholy feelings in no obvious causes and steadily spreading fear among them whom needing you to solve the mystery and bring the joy back to the city.with over one hundred quests and places to explore and solved as the event located to a poetry wonderful of Spring as well as those amazing fluffy romantic, shaggy gourmet or guardian treasure of the garden to meet your chance becoming the owner of several unique rewards as the heralds of miracles gets your victory sparks and healing the fear of townfolks. 
   Hidden objects shadow-play or puzzled gems to earning within the background piano instrumentals chamber music that rooted to the enchanting Renaissance era and fairy waltz supernatural powers by sound completed the music scoring for Seeker's Notes game as for the collections like portraying of Belief, Amazement, Sadness, Joy as Flying Time counts to you to press the button clicking for successfully, finishing the tasks being told to you and saving Darkwood.