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Mello Alaskan (Self-Released 2015)

   Making love as well while taking your choice of drugs; affiliated with The Brewdem, Kojak Brothers or PaleFaceTheChef – the Kent based rapper/producer of Hip-Hop, Folk and Soul from planet Thanet writing about cakes, tree-hugging and weeds as being resides in Canterbury infusing his edgy psychedelic proof and current delving since the young age of Humble Pious career in music reads there via the certain intimated fascinating and romantic views agrees to be in layers upon BeatsForMetta blur pictograph of a metropolis future environment viewing there as the tracks which carriying sensuality and relaxing time travels whispering in slower tempo bracket within cloud-sounding themes and sounds such on Soul vs Sam, October Beat, Egg in The Tsar pt.2, Flying Over Prague ft. Ollie GB or Love Sign pt2 serving on their short terms availability for the crowd audiences.