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Mason’s Moment (Klonosphere 2016)

Eclectic vibes, melodies for share, eponymous album and the blend of contrasted influence from Post-Rock, Ambient Pop and Progressive Rock really can be associated to these Paris, France’s unit of a quartet musicians: Thomas Bouvier (bass), Sebastien Benoits (drums), Jefferson Gregoire (guitars) and Gaetan Benoits (guitars) releasing their works over these three semi-instrumentals(with some vocals) track-listed in We Pretend It’s All Right from them – a foursome called The Random Monsters.

Listening further as we travel onto the journey harmony music through Fathers led on nine minutes and twenty-seven seconds or The Winding Way stilt-skinning on four minutes thirty-eight seconds magnificent solitude carrier by air transports the sound of noise. As blistering blurred picture of a poor skater surviving another day of hopeless world in the near future might interpreted harmfully as it shows …

We Pretend It's All Right: