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Maps For Travelers (Self-Released 2017)

   Quartet of Indie-Rock talented four-piece recording Grungy blessings comes with their own materials written and arranges much well as Hideaway consisting of bassist/vocals – Devon Wagner, guitarist – Austin Canode, vocalist/guitarist Nate Riley and drummer – Daniel Awe of South Dakota area brought their recording entitled Show Us We Don’t See It.

The foremost awesome sounds to compared to the names of semi-legendary like some artistic sides of both generalized Eddie Vedder to Pop-tinged softer Silverchair using their Alternative specs lesser-majority products of riffs and melodies to caught your interest among these songs nailed there. 

   Absence to Mannequin; With My Teeth on The Floor to Clarity – shall bangs the shit cooler and out of your stereo system to the thumbs up for the tree of modern science and other stuff we didn’t really needed to be greedy possible thoughts proving by these Southern boys on the record.

Show Us We Don't See It: