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Mall Slaughter (Varese Sarabande 2005)

   George A. Romero’s sixth living dead movies directed and written by himself is this zombie horde assaults on Pittsburgh’s feudal existing government within - Land of The Dead; bordered by rivers, electric fences and a sanctuary ruled by powerful luxurious Paul Kaufman as armored troops securing every corners of Fiddler’s Green as the opponent Riley Denbo choose to work on protecting citizens as providng food and medical supplies as one mission noticing him and the rest o his vigilante bikers and armored vehicles crew that zombies overrun the scavenging horde clever enough not to following the fireworks in the sky anymore but now – thinking smarter as being led by Big Daddy zombie with exhibiting intelligent behavior shocks the troops. Meeting a hooker in a bar later, Slack (Asia Argento) inside the cage where survivors need to fight zombies to be free or being snacks as Riley saving Slack and kills Chihuahua the bar owner in chaos made them arrested while the rest of Dead Reckoning commander Cholo DeMora threathens the place and the leaders despiting the service towards them and asking Riley, lack, Motown, Manolete and Pillsbury to supervised the vehicles armory but got ambushed by zombies in their way to preparing missiles pointed at Fiddler’s Green area as some including Cholo is bitten by the undead led by Big Daddy as they’re aware that the horde can easily attacking the city by walking underwater across the river. Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek did their works on original motion picture soundtrack as Call It A Night, Department Store Raid, Military Zone, EATS, Sometime Ago, Into Liquor Store or Meeting Kaufman; envisioning the reality until the peaceful situation broke onto riots as the electric fence being shut-down, horde of the undead manage to crossing the water under the moonlight – hungry driven flesh eating zombies jumping and attacking the runners and citizens feared freezing or just screaming on being eaten alive as the city plundered. Kaufman trapped inside the limo by Cholo-zombie in turns but killed both later by an explosion shot from Big Daddy but the missiles destroying the city and leave only several survivors led by Mulligan as behind the smoke-screen fire burning wreckage resulting assaults; Riley groups can see the zombies occupying the land while the rest leftover humans went north to Canada.