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Ma Method Man (Independent 2011)

   Not a real band but a duo attractive playing their performance on Alternative Blues-Indie and Rock N’ Roll psychedelica as being Drunk Mule recording the album on teasing the public whom wanted to have a quite listen on them. 
The musical parade of both Modern and traditional mixes upon UK’s Pub sounds and couple of Oriental-tinged touches reveals within the tunes from inside the hippie-volkswagen/house-combi stations emerging the spreading melodies from Wow Ah Love Y’man, Sunglassed Head, Black Coffee, Dusty and My Nirvana Breaks as Steven Simpson doing the lead vocals and guitar play while Rich Morris did everything else to the poor-piss productions ff the written materials hoped to be liking by the audience. 

Such a colorful presentation from Drunk Mule on Crash Test Y’self here and after before one started to love them making music like it is. Two thumbs up for the “non-manipulating concept like The Beatles did” aroma !

Crash Test Y'self: